50/50 lyrics


Yung Miami

Been trill, been doin' it, been at it
Real trouble
Aye YB, pipe 'em up, bro

Money getter, I'm a money spender, you a runner
I ain't goin' 50/50 with no n*gga, I'm a hundred (b*tch)
f*ck I look like?
Silly hoes hatin', please, address me as a boss, boo
Bad b*tch, Miss Turn-His-Head when I walk through (Damn, bad b*tch)
Ho, you delirious
He ain't talkin' Hermes for this pus*y, I ain't hearin' it
You got money askin' me where mines, you the weirdest
b*tch, don't check for me unless that check you got clearin'
What? I'm a mogul, n*gga
Speakin' on a rich b*tch, don't make me еxpose you, n*ggas (b*tch ass)
He don't trick, I make him changе his mind the first week, uh
I'm too pretty to be sittin' in the nosebleeds (Damn)
Court side, white toes, my ass eat up the whole seat
Head to toe, I be givin' ate, b*tch, I'm gon' eat
Caramel on his tongue whenever he lick me
n*gga di*k small, probably why his ball so p*ssy
Meat puller on your knees, how you standin' on the business?
Academiks, you a b*tch, why you speakin' on women? (f*ck n*gga)
Yeah, leave him alone
Mr. Pocket pus*y, what you beatin' on?
You see this face, I ain't one of them b*tches you can hang up on
She say she want the confidence of Caresha with no makeup on
We share locations but I'm busy, I ain't comin' home
Yeah, like how you mad at me?
I don't care what that ho on, she ain't bad as me
Yeah, yeah, this P make a n*gga try to marry me
Bag me and tag me, choke me out and gag me, period
Uh, uh
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