Last Time lyrics



On my head on the last time
When we had time
The last time
We had time
Like when you were mine
We had time

On my head on the last time
We had time
Back when you were mine
Now you left onto the other side
I never thought I could continue without your support
This place is full of snakes and jokers but that ain’t important
Every night
Beside my side
I gave you advice
And you would hold me so tight
I never thought that you’d provoke such a hate in me
I never thought that you would leave here without taking me
You should hear the way they speak of me now
You would have my back
You would never let them speak like that
If you're around
I still look all through the crowd I hope I see you there
Win or lose I can’t bring myself to care
My heart is black it’s been like that
I won’t love no one at least not like that
I don’t have no one who love who I am
No one talks to me like you once did
See your ghost broad day while I’m wide awake
I have your blood in my blood
I could never shake you
How I get by day to day
Oh hell I can’t say sh*t
I don’t know how no I just had to fake it

Last time
We had time
Back when you were mine
I never thought that it would come to this
I never thought that we’d make such a mess
Running from your smell like running from the wind

Last time
We had time
Oh back when you were mine
I never thought that it would ever end
I remember you were so so big
How’d they find a box to put you in

I gouge my eyes out and I still see you
I see me and you
We see the same moon
Sometimes I look into the water and I see your face
Sometimes I see our unborn daughter in the cloud shapes
I see the reaper standing right there where we used to be
It must have paralyzed you when you were there for me
I know it’s vapor
When they say it I don’t feel nothin'
I sleep alone and I just have to hug my biggest gun and
I swear I tried
I think I tried
I think I know I tried
Since you left
I lay in bed
I sleep with all my knives
Feel like I came faster could have been there could have stopped you
Instead was right on time to see it and I had to watch you
Last time
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