Mm, mm, yeah
Mm, mm, yeah

Look, don't even want you [?] I’m away
Young n*gga really got a pistol [?]
Young n*gga really gon' bang
Young n*gga really got designer on his pants (Yeah)
Shawty at my muhf*ckin' crib givin’ head (Yeah)
Shawty hella bad, threw it back, goddamn (Yeah)
[?] feelin' like the man
I be chillin' at my crib and I be countin' rubber bands
Do you understand? Yeah ('Stand)
Do you understand?
Young n*gga bright, that n*gga shinin' like a lamp
Young n*gga grippin' on a pistol with his hand (Yeah)
If a n*gga tryna run up on me, make him dance (Ayy)
You know how it be, I'm all ’bout my sh*t
Y’all n*ggas really gon' doubt my sh*t? (My sh*t)
You know I’m gon' air it out right quick (Right quick)
You know I'm gon' air it out
n*gga movin’ states, I'm on the road (Yeah)
Young n*gga really be hard wit' all the flows (Yeah)
Know I'm over here, I'm really goin' on you hoes (Yeah)
You don't really got all of the drip, like what you know? Yeah
n*gga, I'ma mumble, but it sound hot (Sound hot)
Pull up, vroom-vroom, in my mom's car, yeah (Mom's car)
That sh*t fast, just like NASCAR, ayy (Yeah)
Hit it from the back, yeah, that part, yuh (Ayy)
Hit it from the back, yeah, that part (Ayy)
Young n*gga really [?] (Yeah)
Young n*gga, got this sh*t wrapped up
I don't need no guards, I got backup
[?] all of these n*ggas on soft sh*t
Gonna blast off like a rocket
n*gga, I don't got no options
Came back like I never lost it, yeah
Young n*gga splashin', hey (Ayy)
Look at my fashion, hey (Yeah)
Trigger on me, it's flashin' (Okay)
n*gga [?] me, it's flashin', ayy (Yeah)
She gon' eat it up like some wings (Yeah)
Shawty tryna f*ck, I'll make her sing, yeah (Yeah)
You know that a n*gga goin' in, yeah (Yeah)
You know that a n*gga goin' in, yeah
[?] got the water, gon' swim, yeah (Ooh)
b*tch, I'm underwater, dolphin, yeah (Ooh)
Young n*gga keep his neck wet, huh (Yeah)
I f*cked yo b*tch, we have sex, yeah (Ayy)
I swear, lil' n*gga, why you gotta trip? Yeah (Yeah)
[?], yeah (Yeah)
n*gga gettin' mad
n*gga be actin' up and he gettin' sad
[?] lil' n*gga [?] gotta look back
b*tch, I got the money and this sh*t up in the bag
n*gga actin' funny, so I hit him with the jab

Ayy (Ha), yeah

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