"Civil Rights Era Summary"

To the young porter who’s names not George
Pullman who started the revolution of equality
Of fair representation
Through a court decision of Plusy vs. Ferguson
Started a union of black lives matter
And porters had their rights too
Blacks Underrepresented in education
Brown vs. the board of education
Gave blacks the foundation
For Earnest Green to be the first in Alabama to graduate from an all white school
Underated separation of state segregation
Unjust laws of Jim Crow
Segregated the south
Bus transportation where blacks had to give up their seat to whites
Until Rosa Parks refused and was escorted off the bus by police
Martin Luther King led the protest for the boycotts
Four collard girls were slain to rest at the bombing of an Alabama Ebineezer Baptist church
Martin led the way to Civil Rights in the legacy of Gandhi
Martin stole the vision of Pullman protest
And fought for voting rights, boycotts and the sanitation union
Bloody Sunday was the turning point of the Civil Rights struggle
Three courageous men tried to register blacks the right to vote
In the heart of Mississippi
And lost their lives
A young boy Emit Till loss his life to a horrible death
When blacks weren’t allowed to look whites in the eye
Emit loss his life whistling at a white woman
Because she was pretty
Merger Evers the first black to graduate at Mississippi state, the president of NAACP
Lost his life fighting for equality
Unjust laws of a Woolworth store in South Carolina
Separate but equal denied blacks
To sit at a lunch counter
Where the laws were unjustified
Four college students protest would remodify
Racial ties allowing blacks equal access in public domains
The freedom riders protest against segregation remediate laws for public transportation
Annie Lee fought for better conditions of public housing
Malcolm X led the way, preaching against racial hate
To end racism By all means to free the mind by all extremes
The black panthers and the black power movement
Where men carried guns, protested against poverty
By assisting the needs of the poor, with food, education and providing health care

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