Guess What lyrics


YK Osiris

This is not God's blessin' my n****
God don't want you to do no
God don't want you to talk about no sex money cars clothes and hoes
What makes you think this a blessin'
What makes you think that
You see, I'ma tell you somethin'
They always want you to, you know these rappers
All these singers all these big rappers that ya'll look up to
They always tell you what the good bout but they never tell you what the bad part
And that's crazy man

Many nights I was a runaway
Summer days in the streets like 100 days
For the team, we gon' split the piece a hundred ways
Split it once, and I bet you'll never want a tеam
For the greed, they gon' hit you wit a hundred bеams
Money, power and respect, find out what it means
Some will sacrifice respect and go to runnin' schemes
We live as kings, good things always come in 3's
Holy life like it's only right
I tell the sinners and the saints so they know they plight
Now I know cocaine ain't the only white
Wash my sins white as blow- snowy white
From the streets, but we wasn't thieves
We was slaves chasin' freedom but by any means
Sorry momma know the trouble come wit many dreams
Just hold on to ya faith though it's unseen
I'd rather sing about God than sing against Him
Because understand that you're singing against Him
You're rapping against Him
You not singing for Him
Understand this
Ya'll be talkin about this for God Oh God thank you for this money
That's not God money God ain't bless you that
The devil can bless you too just like God can bless you
The devil can bless you too just like God can bless you

Best believe I'm from the North Side
Ridin' through my city like a tour guide
I'll keep it funky, I ain't never sat courtside
But I had a pocket full of dimes sittin' porchside
I was high and bugged out like a horsefly
But right now, I only came to lift the Lord high
Bless the prayers from the saints makin' the floor rise
Calm the worst hood down during war time
It's been a minute homie what it do
And how you deal when you feelin uncomfortable
And where you runnin' to when life gettin' too much for you
That trauma gon' catch up with you so the Father gon' be clutch for you
See I just wanna' see my people healed
Thought you made it til' you gotta' climb a steeper hill
Thought you made it when a label let you see a deal
But even still you gotta' pay back them cheaper thrills
So I give it all my best
And everyday I make a choice the spirit or my flesh
I'm really on my next, just check the blueprint sittin' on my desk
I'm killin' off my debt like sorry had to get that off my chest
Wish I could tell my past self stop wasting time
And lead my people earlier cause some of 'em ain't survive
Don't be afraid to die
But don't rush your death
If you only knew what's coming next, much respect out
I want ya'll to understand this I love ya'll so much so it's like
I'm tellin ya'll this ya'll don't understand
But I'm young, I'm very intelligent so
You now
Like, this is not what God want ya'll to do
If you gon' say it's God blessins talk about Him
Tell other people about God
Tell other people about Him
And then ya'll can say it's a God blessin' but
Goin' through stress and goin' through all this this what the devil want you to do so you can destroy yourself
This what he wants you to do
He wants you to destroy yourself
And guess what
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