Ethel Cain lyrics


Ricky Bascom

[Part 1]
You've been smoking weed, you a lazy b*tch
I passed you up, so I dropped di*k in your b*tch
Nobody understood, all I knew was grind
My grandpa said I was out my cotton-picking mind
Ion like to talk, that's why I bought a gun
This b*tch can give me brain, how the f*ck I'm still dumb
I'm watching Young Dolph, I'm bout to get paid
I gained two pounds, I think about it all day
Tryin' to give an ugly b*tch a chance, but they all whores
Had a 1, a 3, and a 5, that's a major chord
Throw em' in the river, when we catchin' [?]
My trans shooter ain't worried, he already got two bodies
I did came up, brought my whole hood with me
Martin Luther King in his grave wishing he could be me
I'm glad they legalized gay marriage, I like it a lot
Cause me and Benjamin Franklin, we just tiеd the knot

People keep trying to bе Ricky, there just ain't no replacing him
I only say sophisticated slurs baby, this designer racism

I just drunk a Bang drink b*tch, I can't fail
If I follow my dreams, I know I'll go to jail
Ay, she said she put that sh*t on god?
b*tch, don't put that sh*t on me
I looked at my bible, I said I'm sorry I betrayed you
I f*ck my b*tch I look her in the eyes and say I hate you
Why would I do right? I get views when I'm wrong
I'm always saying slurs, I don't know how to write a love song
If you don't got clout b*tch, I can't talk at all
I told my dad I was retarded, he told me go walk it off
[Part 2]
We like to have fun boy, you f*cking doomed
I get to work motherf*cker, I put my phone in the other room
You thought you had a good b*tch boy, she seen Rick now she a f*cking chooser
I was never good at anything, just better than you f*cking losers
I knew this guy who loved this girl, I could see it in his eyes
But it was so sad, that I knew I just f*cked that b*tch last night
He tried to race me in PE, I knew this sh*t was on sight
He would follow me to the gym, every day when I rode my bike
We was layed up, he would Snapchat the b*tch, he wanna buy the b*tch some clothes
I don't give a f*ck about the b*tch, I don't even f*cking feed these hoes
But he just kept trying, the motherf*cker wouldn't leave
But every time I look at him, all I seen was me
I done made so much money off the b*tch, I done made money being rude
So when she asked me to write in her yearbook, all I could write was "Thank You"
And I know I got too many enemies, I done caused too much pain
That's why I bought the draco with titties and a di*k, I call it Ethel Cain
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