Backend Freestyle lyrics


Kenny Muney

Muney (JohnnyTurnItUp)
Too much money
Whole lotta money
Huh, let me pop it real quick, y'all gon' think I'm bragging, hold on

[Verse 1]
I told my b*tch to get to stepping, don't do good with attitudes
You know I'm Muney, married to money, me and my money compatible (Yeah)
I know my jeweler bought a house off me, he showed me gratitude
Got all these freak hoes tryna eat me like a big ol' bag of food
I'm servin' Gushers, my neck look like Gushers, come learn how to hustle (Comе on)
Don't need mustard, told them n*ggas catch up or go take some covеr (Get low)
Get in my way, for sure you gon' get sh*t on you for showing trouble
n*gga play, for sure you gon' get spinned on, get shot at the buzzer
I’ve been trapping, pockets full of cabbage, more racks than your papi
My b*tch mad that I've been showing my ass, got this ho wanna stab me (Damn)
She was classy, but she met the Muney, I turned this ho ratchet (Yeah)
Let me put dope in the cabinets, anywhere we go, she nasty (Yeah)
Every dope boy wanna ice his wrist and go f*ck on a bad b*tch (Yeah)
Put that sh*t on, like I'm hitting the promo, 'bout to hit a package (Yeah, yeah)
I've been balling, make sure my team balling, I get the ball and pass it (Let's go)
I'm not sorry, if you think I'm bragging, hell yeah, b*tch, I'm bragging (b*tch)

Ayy, I made it out the place where most these n*ggas in a casket
I ain't going, I can't go, this choppa gon' blow like a dragon (Hot)
I've been humble, playing it cool, but them lil' boys thought I was slacking
Yeah, I've been chasing these millions, I want bodies and want backends (Yeah)
Yeah, I've been chasing these millions, I want bodies and want backends (Yeah)
When that rap check come, I'm trapping, 'til the opps die, I'ma have it
Know these n*ggas wanna whack me, everywhere I go, I bag it (b*tch)
My ho know I'm chasing backends, when I'm done, I break her back end (Yeah)
[Verse 2]
My b*tch keep calling 'cause she want a bankroll
Her pus*y water, I'm doing a backstroke (Yeah)
My pockets fat as a fat ho
I keep on hustling, I can't let my racks get low
Come to your spot, have my bag at the door (My bag)
I trap at every hood, I got everywhere sold
Two or three days I got everything sold (Trap, trap)
Pick up that big, then I hit the road
Too many hustles, I do it all, I know how to get it I'm really versatile
I want a billion, I just gotta work a while
f*ck your lil' deal, I made that off serving pounds (Haha)
Don't listen to that sh*t n*ggas be capping 'bout
Don't listen to that sh*t n*ggas be rapping 'bout
Water my jewelry, I ain't wearing no hand me downs
I grew up hustling, I never been in the trap and would stand around
It wasn't no front end, it wasn't no heading out
I made a rap career out an abandoned house
Look at my neck, this sh*t look like candy now (Ice)
Now I do shows and pick up them backends
Don't do no shows and I'm still get them backends
Long as I'm breathing, I still can get packs in
Do what I wanna do, I'm a rich Black man, yeah

Huh, yeah, yeah
Do what I wanna do, I'm a rich Black man, haha
Young n*gga getting them backends
Muney, Muney
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