Transitions lyrics


Pink Siifu

Ay, uh, sh*t

Hunter down, hunt us down
Haunted by what's around me, whip around
They hunt us down, I'm only surrounded by n*gga's that look like me
Eye to eye we speak
Look around, see the smoke
It's a war, shots fly at the door
I know many and more
Blood written in gold
Blood written in the road
They were tryna take my gold, I know
This I know
Slaves at the cage, killing at the basement
Faces, quiet save me before religion, white man got me trippin'
Places, places, placement, placе them
Serenity, I'm not tryna gеt it
Finding peace in the transitions
Remember the [?]
I ain't alone (Uh)
I ain't alone
I'ma be careful, we all on the road
All gold, all on the road
This I know
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