Brian David Gilbert

"Have you seen my laptop?"

[Intro, spoken]
-Do you know where my laptop went?
Have you seen my laptop?
-Yeah, maybe
What is a laptop?
-It's a small computer, you can... you have one right in front of you
Yes, it's right here
MY laptop
-No, you don't have one though
-That's what I'm...
Do you know where it is?
-Pshhhhhhh, ahhhh, it's kind of a long story...
-That's fine
[Sung with spoken parts]
Come gather round and I'll tell you a tale...
-You have... a hurdy gurdy?
A tale of a night, very much like the one tonight
-You have to sing this story?
The rain pelted cruelly the wind tore my hood
As I ran through the wood to my homestead
-How many verses is this?
When I saw in a clearing, a figure was stood
Bеckoning as if I were awaited
-When did... We live in Brooklyn! Nevermind, I'll come back later
-I'll skip to verse eleven!
"Now you know", said the wizard
"What price you must pay, to gain the reward you seek."
-I feel like you skipped a lot
-You'll get it through context
"You must trade me a treasure thats of commensurate or greater value than the suggested retail price of this mystical, ancient antique."
So I granted the wizard a book forged in chrome
Though it pained me to part and regret filled my mind
With a flourish he vanished along with my tome
Leaving nought but this hurdy behind
Leaving nought but this gurdy behind
-You pawned my laptop to get a hurdy gurdy
-Karen, I'm sorry, but you're gonna have to remind me what a laptop is

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