"Thuggin Alone"

[Verse 1: 24Heavy]
And now I got 'em all in they feelings, it's so personal (So personal)
That's why I slide with that fire, can't let 'em murk you
I know they want me down bad, but I'm alive (I'm alive)
I got some hitters on call, they start a riot (They start a riot)
Knock a n*gga down for a Rolex kit
Chain got no Instagram, but they poppin' and you know that
On God, I tried to tell em I'm the wave (I'm the wave)
I'm still caught up in my ways (In my ways)
I got this feeling, and I think they trying cross me (Cross me)
I'm seeing demons in my closet and they on me
Went and bought baguettes for all the times I ain't shine (We ain't shine)
Give the shooter extra ten if they die (If they die)

[Chorus: Y&R Mookey & 24Heavy]
I said I'm thuggin' alone (Thuggin' alone), I feel it every time (Yeah)
I know they hating and they wanna take a n*gga out
'Cause all this pain got a n*gga numb (Numb)
Kill or be killed where I'm comin' from (I'm comin' from)
And I think they wanna be me (Be me)
Truth be told they can't see me (They can't see me)
Bullets flying like ya-ya-ya (Ya-ya-ya)
n*ggas dying like ya-ya-ya (Ya-ya-ya)

[Verse 2: Y&R Mookey]
I say I been on my grind like the first due (First due)
They got Dank mama cryin' and I'm hurtin' too (Hurtin' too)
Say I'm lost right now (Right now)
I just need someone to talk right now (Talk right now)
Everybody showin' fake love (Fake love)
Either you with me or against me, what you hatin' for?
I been all on the rise, on the way up
I'm tryna ball like Harden, no lay-up, this what we prayed for
Crackers, they can't tame me (Tame me)
Said them n*ggas tried to rob me, died the same week
I'm still posted on the block where that gang be
Where he got popped by that Glock on that same street
You can't change me
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