"Hollywood sh*t (Die Tonight)"

Jakkies on the beat

I hope I don't die tonight
Don’t die tonight, woah
Hope I don't die tonight, yeah, don't die tonight
I hope I don’t die tonight, yeah, die tonight
I hope I don't die tonight, woah, die tonight
I might lose my life tonight, woah
I hope I don't die tonight

[Verse 1: Summrs]
Popping 'em perc's tonight
Off of that Xan', that's right
Sipping on drank, that's right, whew
I just hope I don’t die tonight
If I do they gone remember me
Oh, that’s Rino in that Louis V
Started popping perc's, it created me
Up in a M3 off a bean
Tatted my name, my parents mad at me
I don’t know if they believe in me
But I know they see this bee
So let's go take some weight off they shoulders
Crazy how Xan's gave me some exposure
I'm f*cking her face, we need a closure
Walk up in the club and I look like a lick (Lick, lick, lick lick) Whew, bee
[?] I ain’t loving no b*tch (Jug, jug jug jug jug jug)
It's crazy how I spent a K on my kicks (Damn, it's amazing)
I'm finna get back on my Hollywood sh*t (Woah, Hollywood sh*t)
The Rafs I was finna cop me some Ricks (Cop me some ricks, woah, yeah)
In a Panamera now I think I'm the sh*t (Think I'm the sh*t, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
f*ck it the whole camera finna take us some flicks (Finna take us some flicks, woah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
I ain't going to the party without a stick (Without a stick, STICK, woah)
That's how you got to move when you a lil' prick (That's how you got to move when you a lil')
My whole outfit damn near cost me a brick (Outfit damn near cost me a, woah)
Got the G2, n*gga, let me show you a trick (Show you a trick, abracadabra)
Voilà, that boy turn into bits (Turn into bits, goddamn)
Stick on me, got some drug money
f*ck that, where the money?
Get away, boy you acting funny
Walk up in Saks with some jugg money

[Verse 2: Vyne]
My n*ggas they carry, they keep a lil' Glick (Ha, yeah, the Glick)
I ain't the one so watch who you pick
You want the smoke that I'm sparking and sh*t
Twin uzis on me no Autumar Wick, yeah
n*gga play then he get that fire
I just want moolah
I don't want your thot, nah, nah, nah (Oh no)
I just want to count moolah
I'm rocking that foreign, you rocking Fila
Bad little b*tch she call me papa
I make you whew, tada
Hold you for ransom like you was Teka, ha
Scorred on the pint, Summrs assist
The K get you gone you sleeping with the fish
You want you a feat, n*gga, what's your budget?
Real n*ggas move slilent but you gossip like a b*tch
I ain't with that talking so n*gga, just get you a Glick
Your whole fit cost a piece of my wrist
I'm at the[?] while you eating at Mc's
Get me some Chrom3h3arts for the Alex, yeah, mix it up

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