"Living A 2nd Life"

Good life
Good drugs [?] good drank
Models and sh*t
Flights to meetings and sh*t
Oh, you like ice in your martini, huh?

Oh, you like ice in your martini, huh?
Oh, you flexing in the new 'Ghini, huh?
Oh, oh you said you visited to heat it up
Oh, oh you like the money, you greedy, huh?
Oh, you living the life, it's too easy, huh?
Oh, oh you said you like to go to Four Seasons, huh?
Oh, you like your hair and your nails did, oh
Liked it when it was down, just let your hair blow in the wind
Oh, can't see these hating hoes in your Gucci lens
You ain't got time to waste time
Talking to you on the FaceTime

Cop me a new Plain Jane I'm just waiting for it to come in
I just seen a b*tch f*ck a b*tch in my face, that sh*t was too stunning
Shots to the face won't wake up 'til them n*ggas run in
I [?] she was way too annoying
Send her to Gucci, the Gucci, the Louie, the Louie, the Prada
[?] Givency with new n*gga, no he ain't dripped in designer
Yeah, it's just a reminder
I could f*ck a badder b*tch then you, baby, that's just reminder

Oh, you like ice in your martini, huh?
Oh, you got tired of the Jag' so you copped the 'Ghini, huh?
Oh, you repping Chanel perfume on your skin like a genie, huh?
Oh, you kicking sh*t with your new mans at the Four Seasons, huh?
And I heard you visited to heat it up
Oh, you really think you want the [?], huh?

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