"Gg/Look Up 2"

Kankan on the beat!

Good run lil n*gga, Gg
Saggin the G-Star with the B.B
Finna take my b*tch out to eat
Yeah I'm finna f*ck but I'm not finna eat
Yeah I'm finna f*ck but I'm not finna (eat!)

[Verse 1]
Call a Uber, I'm not in a Jeep
She suckin my meat she know I'm needy
I want the bands so I'm gonna see
In the halloween b*tch you gotta treat
In that G class and it's very neat
Get back, Rino the one with the heat
I sip the phat, that's why I'm sleep
Rose gold in my mouth, b*tch, glee
f*ckin with me, very risky (Hellworld)
Leave a n*gga hairline crispy
I put the lean in the Brisk Tea
The G2 gettin' tricky
n*ggas is mouse like Mickey
Rick Owen jeans, no di*kies
And the OS hold a glicky
And the white b*tch and she pricky

[Verse 2]
Good run lil n*gga, Gg
Rino the one with the heat
I'm finna blast, yeah I gotta pee
Imma kill that boy with no grief
You think you hot, that ain't it cheif
I'm tatted up, Rino Khalif
I took off and they can't believe
I left my ex in disbelief
I'm juugin these n*ggas, I'm the top theif
I f*cked a bad b*tch from Greece
And I'm so fried, like I'm in grease
Oh that's yo mans?
I'm f*ckin his niece
She a church girl, but she on her knees
Rino, b*tch you know how I bleed\

Good game, Summrs

[Verse 3]
This is some sh*t to smoke to
This is some sh*t to ride to
You ain't talkin bout guap, then bye dude
I already know you ain't [?] don't lie dude
My eyes low, 'cause I'm high dude
I'm sippin that drank, I just poured a whole duece
Rino the one they look up to
I'm the one that they look up to
They like, "How it feel? to be you?"
I'm the one that they look up to
I'm the one that they look up to
I'm smokin a wood, no this ain't no dutch, dude
I keep the G2, cause it come in clutch, dude
Honestly, I'm just like, "f*ck you,"
Turbo engine, and it say V2
Hol' on you actin' like I really need you

[Verse 3]
You broke as f*ck, could never be you
I'm in the H, I'm seein them pretty lights
Sparkin' the wood up like a motorbike
I'm ballin hard like I'm doin' the floater right
I'm gettin these bands off of a [?]
I'm smokin this gas, yeah you gotta odorize
I got a 23, and it's gon posterize
n*ggas is bugs just like a parasite
I'm that n*gga, baby please don't jeapordize
I'm seein then palm trees and the paradise
And I'm one deep, I don't need no advise
You wit me, you don't need no device
I'm shootin threes, boy they so precise
I had to glo, yeah I had to capitalize
I'm in the whip, off of the narcs
My diamonds cuban and I'm in the dark
Smokin' stupid gas, I'm a retard
b*tch don't talk, [?] don't need remarks
I'm wrappin 'the wood, easy, like a guard
White boy swag, they say I'm so gnar
High as f*ck, boy I'm seein' them stars

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