"This One (For The Promo)*"

Hunnids (x7)
He slayed this one
Whole lotta hunnids!
Whole lotta hunnids!
Hunnids, hunnids, hunnids!

Slayer, you did it with this one
Which one do I pick, I pick this one
Drank, it go straight to my liver
We posted up with them (Sojas!)
We posted up with them killers
Choppa, it hit hot, they gon' feel us
Last year, we was down bad now the b*tch wanna f*ck 'cause we flex in our trillers
f*ck n*gga say he don't like me, then f*ck it do something about it, come kill me
We ballin' out all year and these lame ass n*ggas still sittin' on the benches
Soon as I get enough racks I'ma go ahead, take my lil n*ggas out the trenches
This b*tch so bad, but she bald-headed, so I guess I gotta go buy her some inches
We got a pint of that lean and we sip and we driving that muhf*ckin' Stolo
Rockin' Chanel and that Gucci, that Louis, that n*gga's still rockin that Ecko
Just met a b*tch off of twitter, and I swear she gon' f*ck the gang for the promo
We took the brain off the coupe so my n*gga could shoot out the muhf*ckin' Gozo
We went to Neiman, and Barneys, and Saks, and we damn just near bought the whole store
Went to the party at Bens, got the bands so I could just take yo' lil hoe

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