"Out The Mud"

In this hoe f*cking on another n*gga b*tch
I'm with all my n*ggas and I hope they don't switch
Yeah, I got rich, b*tch, check out my wrist
I can't give you love 'cause I know you gon switch
Wasn't born with it, got it out the mud, b*tch
If you act right, put CELINE on yo b*tch
I'm f*cking with your friend I put her on the team, b*tch
Can't find Wock' so I'm sippin' tris', b*tch
Pull up in exotic, let the doors up on you
Pointers on my neck, b*tch, I froze up on you
I was sippin' drank then we got pulled over
I feel like myself, yeah, when I'm not sober, yeah
And I hate looking for you
Shouldn't have to look, you should be there for me
I can't go nowhere without that heater on me, yeah
Don't try to make me a good guy, b*tch, I told you I'm a bad guy
Now let me f*ck you in the shower with your hair tied
Telling people that we had some that's a damn lie, yeah
I'm in the H throwing hunnits up in VLIVE, uh
Sippin' on syrup like a beehive
Then I took a flight to the CT
Trigger f*ck a b*tch that I met on IG
Been watching here since I was 13
Damn, crazy how things could be
Crazy how when you make it somewhere people wanna come around, yeah
b*tches wanna be down
You can't fool me, b*tch, I am no clown
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