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All of my n*ggas in F- n*ggas in Fendi, yeah
All of my n*ggas, all of my n*ggas in Fendi

Ten racks out no kizzy, finna blow it in Fendi (Oh yeah)
No fishbowl AMG windows be tinted (Skrtt!)
I ain't tryna f*ck but I'm not gon lie I'm tempted (I'm tempted, whoah)
Ain't getting money, lil' n*gga, you over there simping (Whoah whoah)
How you expect to make a hit you over there missing (The f*ck n*gga?)
Trisiana in my cup, ok, I'm sipping, yeah (Lean, lean)
Can't give no addy [?] slipping (Nah, nah)
All me and Wick do is play with them benjis, forreal, yeah
Turn a n*gga to some runtz, blow him like a chimney (Yeah)
b*tch I'm higher than the sun, I'm higher than the ceiling (Yeah, uh)
I feel like Rino F. Baby, n*gga, No Ceilings (No Ceilings, Weezy)
Speeding in a Mercedes, n*gga, no ceiling (No kizzy)
What's the point of going to college when I got a plan (Cheesy)
What's the point of going shopping, yeen got bands, yeah (No cheese)
Sliding in a C43 4MATIC sedan (Forreal)
b*tch, we in the f*cking hills in Tarzan-a
I'ma f*ck you off a pill maybe a xan
Yuh, yuh
Pull up in a f*cking Phantom
What's that on my Glock? Drum
What's that over there? Chump (Whoah)
I got hella bread, no crumbs (Let's go)
n*ggas be having me dead for nothing (Let's go, yeah)
G43 with a la-ser (Whoah, whoah)
n*ggas talk more than Ale-xa (Whoah, whoah)
I'm smoking on some pre-ssure, yeah (Go, go)
I been ahead of my time, catch up (Yeah)
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