​mudd bruddas lyrics



[Verse 1]
Yeah, you was worried 'bout me pouring up (Ayy yo, that's Nick)
I was worried 'bout ya goin' up
I ain’t wanna go public with you
'Cause I was worried 'bout you going up (oh)
And I break bread with my n*ggas, fasho
We ain’t blood brothers, we mudd brothers, fasho
Why you gotta act like this in public and put on a show
I spent five thousand for this chain, so I’m putting it on
How the f*ck I ain’t do none' for you and I put you on?
Pour my feelings up in my cup, then I go make me a song
Blue said it’s time to get in yo' bag so I'm finna get in my zone
We don’t f*ck with the outsiders, we came up on our own

My blunt got real ZaZa in it
My cup got real codeine in it
Showed you more attention
Now you talking about keepin' yo' distance
Tryna stay on my pivot
You tryna knock my pimpin', uh
I’m still sipping

[Verse 2]
And it f*cked me up when Brenda diеd
Poured up a six and I sat back and cried
Had a dream of you, I seen you in thе sky
You see the pain in my eyes
f*cked me up, when I seen you in the sky
f*cked me up so much, it made me cry
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