5:35 AM Interlude [Sped Up] lyrics



Ooh, ooh
Let's go

You know that I hate that
Don't you look me in my eyes and say you love me, don't say that
Don't act like we go way back (Way back)
Fight my demons everyday (Everyday)
Finna move in a new house, too many people know where I stay (Ooh)
I don't like people knowing where I lay (Ooh)
Get on my knees and I pray
Boy, I'm taking all these drugs, I stay safe (Ooh)
On my way to a mill', I'm tryna buy me a Wraith (Ooh)
Granny told me to keep faith
I ain't never listened to what they say
Sippin' on lean, gainin' new weight (Ooh)
My girl see it up in my face (Ooh)
This life sh*t, I'm tryna win
God, forgive mе for all my sins
I'ma know I'ma sin again (Oh, oh, oh, oh)
Me and my brothers, we rеpent
They tryna throw us up in the pen'
Judge don't want me around my brother
Just wanna get high with you again (Oh, oh, oh, oh)
I'm in the studio with no pen
I swear codeine my girlfriend
I won't cut you off, never again
I'm steady pourin' away all my sins (Ooh)
Steady pushin' away my friends (Ooh)
I'm by myself, all alone
These here diamonds, real deal stones
Tryna throw my chain on and f*ck me to my song
Your hair long, got me on your phone, don't do me wrong
We get along, my money long
My money long, oh
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