Azealia Banks

"الجهادي (JIHADI)"

Jihadi flew me to Tehran
Vacay, Djibouti Sands
Cop some Audemars, water my watch
Ships docked on the gulf, Obach
Papi slide inside this pus*y
I bet you I’ll make you nut!
Timbuktu for drinks and lunch
I sip the dates through the golden cup!
This feel like, this for my, this for my Nuyoricans
This for my New York b*tches
Them Spanish Harlem b*tches
That Gucci garter make them ballers slip they (van cleef &)
Arpels Clip in, y’all b*tches starving (and)
Thrifting, y’all be retarded (and) stripping

Hey n*gga, [?] I need some f*cking money
f*ck what you, f*ck what you, f*ck what you talking 'bout

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