Adam Calhoun


Howdy-do motherf*ckers? My name is Adam Calhoun
And I came to hit you with the cannon
I'm the billy goat, I got the duct tape and rope
You know that hillbillies never get stranded
We make the dollar from a dime, we'll flip it a hundred times
I'm so sick and tired of hearin' you f*ckin' whine
Mud truck shine, what the f*ck you stuck in time?
You can lift up your truck but couldn't switch up your rhymes
I just came out here to check the rappers f*ckin' up the market
Take that basic sh*t back to Target, it's garbage
You really out here actin' like you ballin'
When you're ten payments late on your mortgage, starvin'
I lost it, I'm nauseous, guns up out the closet
Killin' motherf*ckers and we don't need no coffins
I'm spittin' I ain't coughin', you ain't listen when I'm talkin'
But you don't get the point though, ball pen
Oh you thought I was done, you figured me out
I'm out here workin', you just sit on the couch
Facebook live, talkin' sh*t gettin' clout
Boy say my name get punched in the mouth
I don't know how else to cut it and you ain't gotta love it
But you're damn sure gonna respect that, accept that
Red Wing boots apply pressure where your neck at
Pull up bumpin' Wu-Tang, they taught me to protect that
Twenty five thousand on the dresser, yes sir
A hundred for a show I ain't takin' nothin' lesser
You're just like a peasant you ain't grateful for my presence
Hard work and effort and I always put in extra
I'm the billy goat and you're just a jester
Joker, clown, get poked and found
In a hole in the ground, why don't you hold that down?
You was the loudest in the room, now you don't make a sound
I'ma hit 'em with the cannon

Don't make a sound
The reactors are gonna love this on YouTube
Shoutout to NoLifeShaq, Simba, MileHighFloatin', artofkickz, TooLitMafia
Crypt what up?

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