Kendrick Lamar


See, I was brought up different
Whatever that my pops say, fasho I listened
You said you did dirt, but I can jig it
It don't deserve you, if you wasn't born in it
I swear we gotta fast forward (Fast forward, fast forward)
I swear we gotta fast forward (Fast forward, fast forward)

[Pusha T - Verse]
Valentino summers and wave runners
Chains on my n*ggas like slave runners
Drug Dealers Anonymous
How many Madonna's can that Mazda fit?
My brick talk is more than obvious; it's ominous
Garage is the Phantom; ghouls, ghosts, and goblins
Blonde-mohawk the collection, I'm Dennis Rodman
The money count is the only moment of silence
'Cause hush money balances all this drugs and violence
Hat trick under my mattress, [?] stop still
Has a(n) astеrisk after it
After all, I can make a call
I can baptizе a brick as I wash away my sins like a Catholic
Who the f*ck can't master this?
America's nightmares in Flint
Children of a lesser god when your melanin's a got a tint
And I can't even mention what I sipped or what I spent
'Cause my name and 18 wheelers is evident
I put my boos in them Cruise Collections
Life's a b*tch, A-to-Z on her shoe collection
Take your pick; paid in full like 86 G's on my body
The new Gucci has less monogram, God's got 'em
Let he without sin cast the first stone, so I built that all glass quiet-level first home
Shadowed all your misconceptions, hold all them missing weapons
You thought I would miss my blessing
The ultimate mis-direction, yeah!
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