Game Recognize Game (Interlude) lyrics


Kendrick Lamar

[Kendrick Lamar]
When I first heard Kurupt (Kurupt)
It was my first time hearing somebody actually, like, bussin'
You know what I'm sayin'?
He was the game in the Snoop
You hear the influence in my music
You hear the influence in my storytelling
For somebody that uh-uh-uh
Elite player in this game for so many years (Right), a veteran
As for longevity, you know
And skill, that's an accomplishment just on words alone

[Tech N9ne]
I was in Europe or something
Workin' on a record in Europe
And this mutherf*cker, I send it to 'em
He had a [?] around it like a [?] mutherf*cker
Th-thi-this mutherf*ckеr is the true
Mad talent finеst, mutherf*ckers
C-Mob in this mutherf*cker

So this album I think is gonna make way
We are elite (We are elite)
And we've been elite since we started, you know
We've always known, always known, always known-
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