Kevin Abstract

"Less Vocal*"

[Intro: Kevin Abstract & Cutty Ranks]
Who feel Cutty? C-C-Cutty run the band
Who feel Cutty? C-C-Cutty run the band
Who feel Cutty? C-C-Cutty run the band
Who-who-who-who feel Cutty? C-C-Cutty run the band
Who feel Cutty? C-C-Cutty run the band

A little less focus on me?
What they sayin' outside?

[Verse: Kevin Abstract]
Warrior from Corpus, hold the globe in my pocket
My life more predictable than stocks is
We still fighting the same fight that Pac did
Made songs about the neighborhood and then got big
Now I need to give back just like God did
Or more like Hov
Last night when I was stoned I seen an UFO
Thought about how far this sh*t could actually go
Lord knows all I ever wanted was to be just like my cousin by the stove
Get a rose
I gave you all this music, can I at least get some coze
I told you how I felt and then your mouth froze
Told the world who I was and then my neck froze
Now you acting like a hoe, f*ck it, you right, I do
Cause them n*ggas I was around was the foundation for my crew
That's the foundation for my truth
Turning basements into booths
Termination down the [?]
That's the reason for the loot

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