Should’ve Told* lyrics


Kevin Abstract

[Lyrics from both snippets combined]
(Muffled Rapping)
[?] so I say it how it was
Should’ve told my n*ggas
[?] how it should
I would look at you for all I could (?) (Uh!)
[?] (Uh!)
She stand in my way, screamin’ about me
Get the f*ck up out my way
It’s on me
Lemme spend it all on weed (?)
Smoking till the neighbors can’t stay
Can’t nobody dance like me
Talking all you like

See me runnin’ yuh
Looking fresh as f*ck
Got me runnin’ round the town on the stereo
Is my hair too tight?
Turning down a crown
And I never wish she watching
I don’t live it down
Tell me how I go
How I go!
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