More Pressure lyrics


Kevin Abstract

More pressure
More release
More relief
More belief
More distance
More reach

The truth is I don’t know
It’s so deep
I know nothing
I used to think
Things were so clear
I was so near to nowhere
I could feel everything in me
Pushing for certains
Certains are flimsy

Rock-solid ground beneath me now tells me there’s no ground at all

More pressure
More release
Your eyes, your cheeks
Your features crease

More desire
Less deceit
Less complex
More complete
Less push
More flow
Let me let go

Get it all out of you
Let it surprise you
I was in a party
Face mostly eyeballs
Chin deep in a bag of white lies
Saying I’m sick and tired of my own advice
I see it now
So perfect
But so hard to put in practice
One step forward
Two steps backwards
One soul’s epiphany’s
Another soul’s madness

I saw the truth in the curls of the vanishing girl
Eyes like deep sea dives
She said stop worrying man
Stop panicking
More grounded
More routed
Less convoluted
More stillness
More movement
More existence

Less improvement
More decisions
Less solutions
Less inhibition
Less confusion

More intuition
More connection
More nature
More protection
More abundance
More reflection
Less instruction
More comprehension
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