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[Intro - Blackout]
Playa Posse, Snubnoze
You know what I'm sayin'
We all out here
Tryna do this thing
Y'all know how it is though
A n*gga wanna look at me though
With hate and sh*t
This how I'm feeling though..

Now if I come through with a black TEC
With intent to snap necks
I rap it and jack it
Throw it to this set
Sit with they shirt blood-wet
Unload the track, after that
My n*gga show hands
We leave crack
Plenty talk retaliation
My n*ggas, my MAC I bring back
Suckas hurt my flows
I circle foes
Gets quite crucial in fact
Terror spread stormy weather
Nevertheless I buss gats
To mark my arm
Disarm my bombs
You drop and stop when I come
Peep the scene
Meet the meanest motherf*ckеr among
You testing me
You can't be mе
So won't y'all believe in me
You teasing me
I put yo ass 6 feet deep
Watch you inside a canopy
'cause y'all n*ggas ain't from Tennessee
Give me the weed and Hennessey
I'm bombin' so hard
You can't do sh*t but remember me
'cause I'm fixing to be
On the T-O-P
Of the W-O-R-L-D, over the city
... with girls in bikinis
Ain't no fantasy, ain't no dream to me
It's something that I cannot be
I got to be
I'm coming so hard that it worry me
I'm Mongotti, you heard of me
Don't speak
'cause you know I rather you ain't say a word to me
Trying to be, cool with me
I hang with real n*ggas, that's only
I can't feel you for one of my homies
They'll D-I-E
Or Zed kill 'em dead for me
All my n*ggas up Earnett Street
There for me hard!
[Cousin Pete]
Money making, pistol playing to the man
Many take chances and find themselves
In death's hands
The Reaper man, yes he can
Persuade you
To do things you wouldn't put yo life through
n*gga so take yo time fool
And live it out smooth
Concentrate on living and forgiving those
Who envy you
sh*t'll work too
The world's cruel
The world's cruel

[Hook - Terror]
And I Know
How it feels surrounded by n*ggas you can't trust
And I Know
b*tches hang around when you riding clean in yo truck
Fakers run and duck
Same ones that'll buss you for bucks
You holding yo gut
Look at 'em run
It's the n*ggas you trust
[Bigg Baby]
They come for Mister B-I-double-G Baby
Coming through
WIth these lowdown dirty Crooksters
And that Snubnoze crew
'Bout to wreck shop
These hits don't stop
sh*t no
Gonna go doin' shows
Bumpin' pain out the walls
But we won't fall
'cause we stand too tall to be caught slippin'
If you test these nuts, ???
Yo ass gon' come up missing
I ain't tripping
Just what you call
Keeping it real
Represent this Memphis sh*t n*gga
You know the goddamn deal

???, 3-4 friends is what I live by
'cause when my so called friends left me all
They stood by
Would I give you my life if it was mine to give you?
You know I would, cause you my n*gga
Keep my finger on the trigger
A low blast from my bloodline
We connected by veins
DNA intertwined
And that's for 365 days
360 Degrees
900 f*cking divine ways
Cut you to a million f*ckin' pieces
And it's my way or the heighway
The live way, you die today
'cause you came to the wrong line
And you came to the wrong MC
I got to catch 'em ride
'cause they can't keep f*ckin' with me
Snubnoze, that n*gga Blackout
And I kill 'em for fees

Try as I might to fight
If he's a parasite
So when the n*ggas hear it ???
That b*tch turn right back to night
Right back to night
But I was told long ago that I was a poet
That just wouldn't quit
My lyrics certified to lick
Sometimes my pimpin' gets hectic
Wreckless, I feel rejected
I get my pen and get back on style
You gotta respect it
Why who, my worries into
The clouds oh, no
This Rocko with them Crooksters
Bumpin' loud on a cloud
Raining down on yo naked body
Cold as f*ck as Blackout
Boomin' after boom
What they say
My n*gga buckwild
And so I did what I did
And I is who I is
Be real in lyrics
Hold the double S Almighty
My n*gga
You know who it issss

Now see I smell these haters coming
And I know 'cause they f*ckin' with my allergies
But I'm already prepared
'cause I'm knowing these n*ggas gon' try to battle me
And that's gon' be the end of any motherf*cker
I gotta bring back here to reality
And it's gon' be a tragedy
I burn his ass up like you was some calories
Now as I try to see
Why these weak-ass n*ggas wanna step in my domain
Talkin' all that Ying-Yang, beat a man down
Make a n*ggas ass tore up 'bout the brain
See this for them nigs who hold they beef like they just macho
And don't know
That Mongo gon' turn beef into some tacos
You know bro, so f*ck yo kinfolk
Yo roadies, yo posse, yo crew
Couldn't give a damn about them
I don't even give a flying f*ck about you
This the '99, can't take no mo' losses so don't try
In the '99, in peace where them crosses must die
No lie, get yo ass by back
'cause I can't show you no mercy
Get down and dirty
From havin' one of these n*ggas tryna hurt me
Now reconsiders what I think you oughta
You leave them b*tches in that water
And they gon' get slaughtered
See you knock me for what I do
And yet I don't knock you
Really you have the slightest clue of what I'm going through
But yet you wanna criticise the way we live our lives
And don't realise
You don't see what I see through my eyes
And I despise all these lies in my sh*t like flies
All in disguise like some spies or some private eyes
So many tried to keep Mongo down and O-U-T
But that ain't me
Because the best things in life ain't for free
Now I'm that n*gga standing 6"4
Dark skin like cocoa
Known to kick sh*t harder than Tojo Yamamoto
Testing Mongo a no-no
Stop acting like you know bro
South Memphis representing
I'm that n*gga they call Mongo
Down to do whatever, whenever
Long as it make me some cheddar
I been down and then out
But my future looking much better
Haters watch me and knock me
But Lil Mongo too clever
Toss these sucka motherf*ckers
'cause they lighter than feathers
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