No Disk #V3 lyrics



In the mall and I'm flexin' like a b*tch
Smokin but I swear I'm not stressin' on the sh*t
And they know my name when I st-
And they know my name when I step up in this b*tch
Vivi on my chain it go nicely wit the fit
Do not try to play me boy I am not a disk
I'm a shark, in the water I am not a fish
If I ain't, have this rap sh*t I'd move them bricks

You not on my level, I'm not tryna diss
I know you a snake I can hear it when you hiss
And he heard my sh*t, so I think he knocked off
Ion give a f*ck, I'm abouta pop off
And I'm smokin good, gas on that zaza
He lookin sus, he an imposta
I got an object, it go gratatata
Laugh to the bank, like ha,hahahahaha
Hah, hahahahaha


n*ggas think we trappin' out here, I just be finesssin'
Didn't know I was gonna do this sh*t I was destinеd
And my wrist too sick, I think it need to be tested
If u got BOA hit my linе we got the methods
n*ggas gone turn so I learn to just expect it
n*ggas gone turn so I learn to just accept it
It is not a question ima leave these n*ggas guessin'
Yea, leave these n*ggas guessin'
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