Fresh sh*t
Even at my best you can bet I'm a dead sh*t
And I get obsessed with a, sesh
I bet you thought I was gonna say next b*tch
I bet you thought I was gonna say next b*tch
Bet you thought I was gonna say Awoo!
I get sick of bleeding for the leeches
When they scheming to the fetus
I ain't even gonna feedin' coz they fiend it
Get the weed lit
Then they creeping
Can't you see it
I'm facetious
Believe it
I'ma piece of my demons
I don't need to repeat it
Please just don't cross me
Acting a mess could be costly
Watch me
And they're tracking their steps like a SWAT team
I just smashed up a set with the possy
Am I dodgy?
I said watch me
Like I'm a 'tard
Never graphed on my battle scars
So harsh I can have a laugh
After your blood like Alucard
Don't ask me to stop
I'm barging in hot
Got bars for the lock
'Coz I mastered it
If you think I'm after the dosh
You got it backwards like Bin Laden disarming the bomb
Put my whole heart in the song
The whole squad's marching along
Not far from the top
They arkin' and barking a lot
But look how far that we've got
Coz I've been that hungry
Live like a tip-rat
Spit like a Syntax junkie
I never been that lovely
I could get a b*tch flipped back if you think that, trust me
Trust me
J-just trust me
Think I got a low skill but the flow's ill
And every fro knows that I'm dope, but they post still
Got me going off like I'm road-kill
Should I ease up?
The scene can't keep up I'm elite son
Fast on my feet any artist can eat dust
Armed to the teeth c*nt targeting each one
I'm as bizarre as I seem cuz
Darkened demeanour
Laugh when I meet ya
Masking a creature
Sparking a tree trunk
Pass me the weed brah
Nah I'm a cheap c*nt!
And for the second time
Seize like a samurai
Schemes that I memorize
See did I get it right?
Scene better recognize
Keeping the levels high
I can see through their web of lies
Like it's televised
I'm a beast like an enterprise
Demon repellent like
Creature from hell I might
Breathe and I wreck a mic
Get-get the weed that we set a-light
Sleep as I dream of a better life
I'm not an artist I don't know what art is
Pop the Bacardi
Go proper retarded
Lost from the start but don't want to restart it
I take a shot for the target
I feel sick when I light Beug's
Tripping an infinite time loop
Skipping what I choose
666 is my IQ
Spit like I'm p*ssed off as Ice Cube
Why do I live for this rap sh*t?
Think as I practice
Catcher's taking a quick trip intergalactic
Rippin a fabric
Spin like arachnids
b*tch you're a spaz if you think you can match this
Just stick to the ad-libs
When we spit raps, pin tabs to the atlas
I been getting gassed up on some madness
Like Baz when I spitting back kick fact is
I'm animalistic
Spat a ballistic
If you're having a diss
You better adapt with an animal instinct
Coming off a clash
You wanna challenge a misfit?
When I battle a king-pin
On the back of a unanimous win
You're gonna have an opinion
If I flow tight
Heading for the venom when I roast mic's
Heading for the president
Was an effort getting co-signed
I can be a legend in my own right
Like don't cross me
Acting a mess could be costly
Watch me

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