[Verse 1: WOMBAT]
And another match and a pen
Guess I'm making other rappers irrelevant
If you want war then f*ck it
I'm clashing with ten of 'em
But them crack heads are delicate
Facts are developing
Natural intelligence
Rappers are jealous
That Wombats back on the track and ahead of 'em
Act like the devil will crash from the heavens
That's Genesis
You'll get slapped for the hell of it
Back like I never left
Better yet, I'm back with Devlin
Learn all the facts
I could burn 'em to ash
And the tracks will be evidence
I've been acting a mess when I smacked up my head again
As I'm kicking back in the Meriton
Filming, getting gassed up
Talk sh*t, then you're getting smacked up
Like it's heroin
I've got no love for a foe now
You get shown up in a show down
You got blown up all because of what you wanna post up
Put your phone down
And I'm known in my home town no doubt, wasn't easy
'Cos I've grown up where the fiends be
I ain't phased by a fed but I bet when you see deez
And you throw love like a PC
Young emcee man I rep with the veterans
Young emcee and I rep with the legends
Young emcee then I step to a set
And I get 10 mills but don't get upset just accept it
Then I'm on to my next b*tch
I don't want her friendship
I just want sex, with a lot of fake love
I just wanna take drugs and exit
That's a break up like Brexit
I ain't ever place as a runner up
Like a raise in the mix with the chase, I'm raising another cup
First they hate, then later they chuckin' up
When I rock beats, you's just wanna compete
Get a cup of concrete
Yeah mate better toughen up
All these c*nts wanna claim they came from the gutter
You came from your mother, c*nt
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