‎aku no hana (vtmns) lyrics



Nah bro, it's like
It's on some sh*t where like
I never [?]
I kinda just
I know that once I get superpower [?] me eventually

[Verse 1]
Take some from me
'Cause I know you love to do that sh*t
I'm still running
It feel like you're the only thing I fear
I'm still hunting
Aku no Hana, put that on my stomach
[?], remember the struggle
Now I keep that piece on me
We ain't keep it [?], I swear to God
It feel like he got released in my head
Maybe I was just too blind
Too blind to see that you was too invested in my timе
Your love just kept me hot

It's a long, long way to go bеfore I trust again
All this bullsh*t got me feeling rushed again
Superstitious, wrapped up in my lust again
Is it wrong that I don't wanna go?
This might be love again
Take my hand, make me a man

[Verse 2]
Why you leave me outside?
Why'd you leave me in the cold?
I told you sh*t, don't want no snow
And this sh*t cold
Everywhere I go, they treat me like a G.O.A.T
Sit in them places that nobody go
Yeah, two bands on my coat
n*ggas, they hate on the internet
That's why I love you 'cause you not into that
If they want smoke, you know I'm sending that
Designer pus*y, I told her to bring it back
Back to me, you live life like a fantasy
On me, [?]

I f*cking hate you Skai, f*ck you
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