"Psalm 00"

Psalm 00

Let go of your false opinions
The judgements of false religion
Like it or not, I'm not missing
On the spot, i write visions
Believe it or not, Christ is King
So I guess we’re all christian
Self serving ego, i guess we're all victims
On the 1 yard line, but too afraid on fourth and inches
Itching to have back, the flow of the first track
Even when i don't eat, I’m still cooking in the kitchen
I'm talking about rap on top a short fast, and yeah, maybe it is whack
But i like to speak in metaphors
I use the Light of words against the dark in war
I've been on defense and I'm trying to hold the fort
But I'm always wondering, am i worthy for the Sword
Ever since i was a kid, i had scars from Voldemort
They say I'm Slytherin, but i know I'm Griffindor
Inside of my mind, i know i gotta cut the chord
Right when i start flying they're releasing dementors
My mind is so demented, I’m trying to close the doors
I’m looking for myself, as I'm laying on the floor
Visions of words are all i see anymore
There’s a great price that comes with finding yourself
You gotta die to everything else that you're not
And that's everything you think you are
But you don't see the depth of these bars
Cause you’ve been staying on the surface and trying really hard
Just to find some peace you've been staring at the stars
But you've gotta fall down first, if you wanna rise far

It's easy to get lost here
It's easy to forget
It's easy to look back
And see the way you went
It's easy to suppress
And it's easy to ignore
It's easy to say oh well
I just don't care anymore
Until that pain starts weighing heavy on your core
Spend life chasing fake riches and end up poor
I'm trying to be myself i can't pretend anymore
I can't descend anymore
I've been lower than rock bottom, breaking through the bottom floor
Then I found myself in the Presence of the LORD
Everything felt so familiar, like i had been there before
He turned and said my name so calmly, i couldn't speak

"Why are you afraid of Love? why do you run from Me?
I am the only Way, I am your destiny"

I looked away as tears poured out the rest of me
I was naked, all my sins were visible too
His Light is shrouded by the physical you
Divisible by nothing, the invisible Truth
Lost in the spiral of elliptical loops
Lyrical thoughts put this man in the booth
Astrophysical thoughts put this man on the moon
Biblical Truth is not a mythical tune
I've seen mystical magic when miracles grew
I've seen criminals crash and come back brand new
I've seen syllables stretch and my rhythm improve
But the one thing that never changes, Christ Loves you

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