Lil Tjay


When I step on the scene amazing
Lil n*ggas want be just like me
Every b*tch wanna be my wife
Enjoy i dont sh*t prices
n*gga shot on my name
Hey, you said on my name understood she was a game
[?] a fame
I remember not [?] my pain

[Verse 1: Lil Tjay]
Too hot which one right by me
(?) soul can't contract me
b*tch had to lie me, had to do for grammy
Where [?] n*gga body
Headshoot i dont change as well
Burn we clear in all
I lost too much I given up
Fast move and game can't to be stop
(?), shawty gotta buy what
By two, three (?)
Picture, fake love i ain't with whole stuff
White ranches in my body cap
I know it's my time for
Hold back and (?)
Pickin' (?) my mom show
All i got is green back
It taking from n*gga a ski mask
And (?) can't be back

[Verse 2: Smooky MarGiela]


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