Lil Tjay

"Hood Scards 2"

Ell 'em I, swear to God that I will never tell them lie
I was dead, n*gga who? what? f*ck it guess I'm blind
How you real? How you scary? Plus you guilty of that crime?
I guess that I'm in a different mind, sh*t be hard to find
Cause I'm different, ain't too many like me
All a sudden b*tches trynna write me
Now these b*tches come around tryna site see
I just want the Mazi, she hit me up like, "I see"
And I know that she dont like me - she just want to brag
I caught the kitten, after that, I left that b*tch on read
Shorty got potential, but she skeet off like a slag
She said I'm her teddy bear, I treat her like I'm Ted
Raf take Gucci cake, stripping and get back
Outfit go retarted, I get checks like special Ed
Youngins in my city going dumb they showing slack
I'm just trynna show 'em it's a better way instead
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