Lil Tjay

"Up Now"

[Verse 1: Lil Tjay]
(Yeah, oh, yeah, yeah, oh, oh)
These n*ggas hate cause I'm up now
Money came I don't give a f*ck now
Riding through my city with a bust down
Money come in clutch now
Thotty b*tches tryna let me f*ck now (No way Jose)
She told me she feel it from her guts down
I just brought a [?]
Smokin cali cheef n*gga you dumbfound
Daddy's in the air pass the blunts round
Ask about us ask these n*ggas run town
If you ain't drilling put the gun down
I know some killers that's gon' drill if I say so
I know some goons on the run tryna lay low
I got some n*ggas full sentences with their case closed
I've known the plug for some 9's and some draco's
What I'm really tryna say is that I'm kinda the plug (Kinda the plug)
2014 I was out supplying the drugs (Supplying the drugs)
And I'm and independent n*gga I ain't crying for love (I ain't crying for love)
I shot up my cuz, he must have thought my timer was up
Look at the blood
Body shot drip in the mud (Drip in the mud)
Broski almost flows
I just told him give me the gloves
Ima hit this n*gga out the park like give me a club (Give me a club)
Started seeing who official now the gimmicks is up
Who can I trust?
n*ggas ain't as fluent as us
How you acting like a victim boy you knew what it was
Hollow tips gon' hit your body let it do what it does
That's exactly what you get for crossing brotherly love
And it's exactly what I wanted for a long time (For a long time)
New n*ggas tryna pop out give me wrong signs (Give me wrong signs)
Loyalty that's in my veins I can't cross mine (I can't cross mine)
(No way Jose)
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