Trench talks lyrics


Lil Tjay

If my hommie say he pop you, man that sh*t goan smoke
Seen a n*gga lost his life, man this sh*t ain't jokes
Police out here killing n*ggas coulda been on the row
Am just trynna stay alive so i been on the low
Don't wanna see my momma cry so i been on the low
I bet i prolly die fore i give em a show
Dripping on me so much water you goan need you a boat
I was running outta time and i was doing the most
Put my problem in my lynn and my potion
Cold hearted i dont show no emotions
Thats the reason why a n*gga anti social
120 On the road am swerving
n*gga ain't a problem, n*gga ain't a problem
Sleeping on the grind see that n*gga he be snoring
You was with the chit chat, that ain't not important
Find me in the trenches i be balling like am jordan
Pullup with that…
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