Let It Go Baby lyrics


Lil Tjay

Got love for all my fans but sometimes this sh*t get stressful I'm like damn
I jet a pass a level in advance
I still be on my mans and you can see I'm sticking to the plan
Still a [?] from the sand
And you don't gotta like me but for sure you gon' acknowledge who I am
I'm the youngest n*gga doin' it like damn
Been a minute I ain't been dropping time to go crazy
When I told them I really got it they was so shady
I been knew I would hit the top and it was no maybe
And all this sh*t can stop that's if you go lazy
Got off my mind but ima always keep going
Wasting no time and I think all that sh*t showing
All this pain in my mind it hurt me time after time I got a pain in my spine with so much memories is flowing
And they hate on me I know
And when I pop out I be looking like a showin'
Them ooters be with me they good at mowing
And they know they can't do sh*t
I know they mad all them n*ggas sh*t
Walk around I got 250 on my wrist
Still gon play the strip with it plus the buzzers got us sh*t ridiculous
I know you inspired if you witness It
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