42 Dugg

"On the Hood"

[Chorus: T.I.]
Huh, I came in the game, puttin' these bustas' in check
Got a problem with it? Good luck with that
Okay, I earned my stripes, I'm tried and true
If you hangin' with a opp n*gga, then f*ck you too
That's on the hood (Yeah)
n*gga, that's on the hood

[Verse 1: T.I.]
Okay, still get paid off rap, you see
Did my deal like Master P
Ayy, listen, all my gas be vacuum-sealed
Killin' this sh*t dead, no casualty
Okay, built my empire gradually
Used to keep white like ashy knees
And in comparison, you better do it carefully
Could still mention they name, just after me
Will never trade who I am to be whatever you are
We gon' get some understandin' before I go on your jaw
Ain't gotta have to know about you, already knowin' you flaw
You get in front of police and tell 'em whatever you saw
One thing about it, big wheel gon' keep on rollin'
Until the forward motion, regret, had when they bring out your bid
That when the pressure get applied, n*gga, die for respect
Your ego big as a giant, you tryna keep 'em in check
Good luck with that
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