42 Dugg

"Big FlexHer"

[Chorus: Lakeyah]
I'm a big flexer (Big flexer), rich dresser (Rich dresser)
I just blew your rent on some Moncler sweatshirts
Big stepper, Louis V collector
She ain't had enough, then I'm applying more pressure, b*tch

[Verse 1: Lakeyah]
I already earned my stripes
These b*tches ain't no competition, ain't believin' the hype
I just dropped a bag on a few pair of Off-White's
Drip so hard, got 'em callin' for a fix on the pipe
And this sh*t light, I just got a thing for the flex
The bag stay around this b*tch, so I could f*ck off a check (On God)
I feel like I'm up now, f*ck all that, "I'm up next"
A b*tch gon' really have to iron me to say that I'm pressed (Yessir)
And it's my last time sayin' I'm the G.O.A.T. around this muhf*cka (Yeah)
And in my eyes, I'm the coldest 'round this muhf*cka (Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
They gotta pay me just to come back to the city
Who the f*ck gassed they head? These b*tches ain't f*ckin' with me
Way you b*tches wave ridin', I should charge you hoes (Right)
I'm forever with the sh*t and I could dog you hoes (On God)
Ever since I got a name, it's f*ck all you hoes
'Cause I apply the same hurt, the way I ball on hoes
And I can't fight you hoes, I spend whatever on nails (Yeah)
I gotta fly back to the city just to link up with Mel
Hop on the flight at two, I'm in your city at four
I done trapped the whole Cali in a pair of Diors (Okay)
I done moved to the A just to triple my bag
You b*tches fightin' over di*k, b*tch, you goin' out bad (b*tch)
Make b*tches sicker than corona, got 'em rockin' a mask
I said, "A pus*y ho could never," so I'm keepin' 'em mad
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