42 Dugg

"Five Hunnid*"

Lyrics from Snippet

DJ on the beat so it's a banger

[42 Dugg]
I been back, in sixty days I made five hunnid bands
Turn they watches, what you coppin'? I got five hunnid yams
I'ma sell it to the Lions, prolly bought it from the Rams
I could tell you when she lands, I been f*ckin' in my Timbs
It ain't sh*t to get a M, like, who said that?
I made a couple in a couple, b*tch, who did that?

[King Von]
If a n*gga playin' with my money then he gettin' whacked
I don't f*ck money up, no bonds, I can't get 'em back (Damn)
In the fifth, red (Huh?), where your homie'll get you killed (What?)...
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