"Coochie Capone (Prod. Xit)"

(Arnos grove and that!)
Yah, yah, yah, yah (Xit)

Ayy Ayy
Extended like a crane
I f*cked your mum in the bum
And shoved it in her brain
I take your skin tone
Smash out on your big bone
And take a jump in front of a motherf*ckin' train (Choo! Choo!)

What imma grow but I'll keep it on the low (Ayy)
f*cking down your b*tch from her head to her toe (T-T-T-Toe!)
Ooh now I'm moving to your girl at the crib (Ayy)
Doc prescribed me Coochie need that sh*t like a drip (Like a drip!)

Ooh Ooh
Do the do and smash some f*cking pus*y
I'm finna beat my meat like the beat is f*cking juicy (Splash!)

Whip out my meat and I nut on the floor
Buss that sh*t so hard now my di*k's all sore

Hol' up
Give your b*tch my f*cking bone
I'm a pus*y criminal like
Coochie Capone

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