Summertime always smells like cigarettes
Sweet rotting garbage and my summertime flesh
Summertime always smells like cigarettes
I’ve been avoiding my real friends
Hanging out at the complex
No tying loose ends (Tying loose ends)
No tying loose ends

Watching my back and I watch too much face
Well, shade the only place I feel safe
But I’ll risk it just to come to your place

Sweating out beer, cools me down I guess
Vomit on the sidewalk, you showed me how, yeah
Someone’s grilling something, wish I was invited
My heart hurts, but it’ll keep it quiet
To make room for the sounds of birds, and heat
Ambulance riding on up the street
Carries up, to you and me
Nestled high, treetops
Us in the sheets

But I’m always excited when it all finally ends
Summertime always smells like cigarettes

[Interlude: Grandma]
Everybody is dead, by now
What do you mean?
All my friends, all my friends are dead
To me, ghosts don’t haunt me
They come and visit me sometimes
Nice ones, nice ones
And I’m not afraid
I am very sure that they do sometimes come
From old times, from old times, people
People that I used to love
They are still around me
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