"A Lot"

Recording it? Cool
Hey  hey
Check...  it’s KA
It’s Kano in the house
All  I got is 48 bars for you f*ckers
140  Grime St. soon come
Let’s  go...

My rhymes are a lot
Kids run around say they like me a lot
I don’t give a f*ck if it’s fire or not
You  write in your room, I write on the spot
You’re right on the spot, I’m writing them off
Rambo bars I can rifle a pop
I unlock the third bar, switch to a new rhyme
And bring back with the fourth then swap
I play [?}, if I’m lying then I’m dying
I was technical but they was one lining
They was like “Yuut I’m a bad man yuut”
“Blah blah blah I’m a bad man yuut”
And I was like “See me and I ain’t with my crew”
Nobody could of wrote P’s & Q’s
Bars I smoke mad like cheesh up on Edgware
Roll down the top, see you when you get there
No I won’t see you when you get here
I be upper notch can’t breathe when you get there
When the altitude, the lines you were air
That’s when you know that you got clear
And it’s rare but its no accident
How I entertain like Maximus
Can I go for the neck like Dracula’s
Best you don’t protest like an activist
So if your not entertained
f*ck you n*ggas that’s not into Kane
I’m not into fame, I’m into paid
Extravagant, I’m not into plain
One wheel caps, I’m not into train
Consistent, I’m not into change
I’m in the lane, buy you aside
I’m riding your whip with no licence, I ride it
I’m in the game like EA [?]
Might pass through a couple clubs do a PA
I’m the scenes MVP like NBA
KA, don’t spell my name with a ZA
Sixteens murder them with no delay
I ain’t even heard of them
So Big your game, Jig your game
Wig your game, Slick your game
Rich your game, this sh*t a game, live the game
I have, I am The One no debate
They ain’t got no back bone like a fillet
That’s why the yuuts on the road can’t relate
n*gga I’m known from the road to the estate
Make no mistake I’m so fire
You can sell me in a shop like a lighter
You’re a fake version of me like a Chrysler
I’m a Bentley GT breeze by ya
The real deal
See ya
And I wouldn’t wanna be ya

Hey it’s KA
140 Grime St

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