Delivery lyrics


2 Chainz

[Verse: Real Gangster]
Forgetting all my rhymes like I got dementia
Do I got cognitive decline, I betcha
But I'm meant ta
Deliver the greatest rhymes
In the time, on a dime
It's a sign of how fly I am
Estafa, you a scam
Alldaygrind going ham once again, man
This my jam, it's my land
It's a rap, will post this to Snapchat
My rap's magical, I deserve a wizard hat
Tippy, not flat
Gotta heal from the scab'
Gotta be GOAT by fam
Shout-out to all my fans
I rap again, and again
For all the friends, to all the gangsters
So I can send to all my players
Rapping is my nature
I know what I'm saying
Cracka, I ain't playing
One day I'll be famous, One day I'll be famous
In fact, I'll be the greatest, never be the lamest
Egotistical man, greater than chance
No chance
Why should I cry
Can I get any more high
Opposite of a fox, I'll never be sly, guy
I should be compared to Damien Lillard
Should not be compared to scrubs like Dontrell Hilliard
Ohio's stupid, maybe I'll yeet like a bird
It's March and 40 degrees, can it get even worse
I know I saw Ty Lue chewing on a clipboard
And I know dang well, I'll buy a dry erase board
A new Yeezy model, something I can afford
My cash is 100K times 24
My heat music blast, might as well shut the door
I'm just sick, took Ibuprofen
Not addicted to weed, never smoking
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