Divide Music


Chorus 1 (Divide Music):
They couldn't know what I've come from
The past is behind me but I try not to run from
Things that remind me what I've done wrong
To find the spark inside me, I just needed someone
To tell me my path is not preordained
I will not live only for family's sake
I will not live up to this family's name
I'm taking control of my own destiny

Bridge 1 (Shwabadi):
I am not confined, I will find a way
To rearrange and erase all the pain that you left with me
I feel insane but I'm pushing all the hate away
I'm gon' replace, what you think when I pull the Pin

Verse 1 (Shwabadi):
Get around, see new people and places
You start to realise the life you're leading was too basic
So face it, there is no way I'll stay imprisoned
I am not chained to the name that I'm given
I'm real c*cky but truth is I feel godly
When I'm fighting with the lightning hands are hard as steel, shocking
I move in at light speed, my Kin Folk so slow
Equipped with the light steel, akimbo yo-yos
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