Isthmus II lyrics



Oh, high school sweetheart
Congratulations on the baby
No, it never really rains in LA too

Yeah, I'm doing well
You know, ups and downs
On my back in waves of doubt
And strangers tell me that I've saved 'em
For a lifetime or a season
And it never feels real
'til they're shaking while I hold 'em tight

But you found a man
And everything is good
He can float just like I could
Oh, anchored to the shore
Through wind and summer storm
You're better now I'm gone

Honey round the edges
I just keep on coming back
There's a sweetnеss to it now
Now that all the time has passed
And you'rе happy with a family
That you never got to have
I would've never gave you that
So I'll chase the hurt
Swim against the tide
But you found the beauty in a quiet life
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