O, Vanny! lyrics


Quiet Hollers

O, Vanny, please don’t fail me now
You know I don’t know how
To get myself back home again
“Alone Again Or” plays
Don’t make me count the ways
My angst became your pain
Sunshine turned to rain
Until we sang with all our joy and rage
Like songbirds a in a cage of glass and steel
With only fear behind the wheel
(don’t let him drive!)

O, Vanny, tell me what can I do
To make you feel brand new again
To keep you on my side for one last joyless ride
You’re a suicide machine
But I can’t say that I blame you
After everything we’ve seen

If I should fall by the wayside, don’t wait for me
You know I cannot wait for you
We are only strangers in this strange land
We turn away, and say there’s nothing we can do

(Ooo, ooh hoo hoo)
O, Vanny, please don’t fail me now
You’re the better part of me
You made me fast, you made me free
And now they're all counting on me
So if I ever did anything right
Just get us there tonight
Then you can quit on me tomorrow
I just need you now tonight

Vanny, please
Please don't fail me now
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