Young Zion 6600

"Thick N***a Freestyle"

Excuse me

(Verse 1)
These n*ggas is dummy
So broke it's so funny (Yuh)
They flex (Bro)
With their social security money (Huh?)
I suck on her toes
And she swallow my toes (Boobies)
But I had to go
Cause she said
"Do you love me?" (Brrr)
I’m just a thick n*gga
Who dress hella bummy (Damn)
But I take your girl
And she bounce like a bunny (Ooh)
But I respect women
You know that I'm sippin' (Set)
It’s just how I'm living
Eat ass like it's dinners(?) (Ay)
I been watching hentai since 2006 (Six)
But now I play Fortnite
While she suck my di*k (di*k)
I rapped about toes
Now I'm getting rich (Huh?)
I spent it on vbucks
My landlord evicts (Ooh)
Now I'm hella broke
In every but my whip(?) (Whip)
Now I'm finna go
And hitchhike to the Sticks (Sticks)
I met me a farmer girl
And I'm getting hitched (Ooh)
I really love this country's b*tch (Swag)
Psyche n*gga
You thought I’m up in L.A (Ooh)
And I don’t want no pus*y (Eh)
Cause that sh*t is gay (Eh)
And I'm lonely
I beat my meat every weekday
And my sh*t is so raw
But I nut through the pain (Yuh)
I sold baby pot
Like it was cocaine (What?)
No Chapo, no Pablo
Im serving it plain (Yuh)
I beat up her cheeks
I made that b*tch sing
Then I left her gay
Cause she ask for a ring (No)

(Verse 2)
Shout out Yung Gravy
Wife look like Charlene (Gravy)
That pus*y was bald
Call that sh*t Mr. Clean (Clean)
I don’t need know why
Cause I sip listerine (Know me)
Bubblegum diamonds
Them sh*ts do not bling (Nah)
I got me a nerf gun
That came with the bean (Doo doo)
You want that action
Nerf war with the team (Yuh)
I pull up XVIDEOS
Nut in my jeans (Ew)
Damn, I'm in class
I hope no one sees (f*ck)
I'm finna spit it
These hunneds, I get it (Okay)
A n*gga talk down (Okay)
And we come for you, fit it (?) (Yuh)
I light up a wood
Now I'm gettin’ lifted (Gas)
A whole lotta gas
Some these are they b*tches (?) (Beep)
I just told my mom to
"Get up out the kitchen"
I just copped this sh*t
Now I'm back to the riches (Yuh)
I just copped the man
Who gon' wash all these dishes (Yuh)
I just copped the milk (?)
Who gon' grant all my wishes (Yuh)
I'm here for them toes
b*tch I came on a mission (Huh)
Exterminate thots
A disease in remission (Thot)
This b*tch gotta go
But you know she don't listen (Nope)
You know I can't love you
C'mon are you kiddin'? (Brrr)

(Verse 3)
Shout out DBangz
Eat her booty like tacos [DBangz: (Swag)]
Her pus*y so wet
That sh*t look like a pothole (Huh)
I hopped in my tractor
Do it in full throttle (Zoom)
I just takeoff
Get that sh*t to Colossal (Zoom)

(YOUNG ZION, I love you)
Alright, n*gga
Thick n*gga Freestyle, b*tch
(Ay, ay, doododoodo)
Ay real quick
Before this beat runs out
Before the song is over
Hillary Clinton
If you're listening to this
I beat the f*ck out my di*k
To all those photoshopped pictures, b*tch
Ay, you know my Instagram, b*tch
Hit me up

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