DEC22ND lyrics



Drinking again, no thinking again
Drink wears off, I'm thinking again
Ship's not sailed, I'm sinking again
Wait, let me look at that picture again
Got a DM off a group of lads
Said their friend had passed, I'm thinking of them
Two days after the tour in Leeds
He'd past his birthday, sang it with them
Wish I could sing it again
This is for you guys, this is for them
Brought back tears and I miss 'em again
Don't blame yourself if you're distant again
This one's for the ones who will listen again
From us to you, I'll listen again
You need your friends when missing a friend
The beauty of friends is why you're missing your friend
Just know I remember the smile
I got you boys in my heart
Cause I know that stuff takes time
Some actions can break your heart
It's been a few years for me
And trust me, time's your friend
When you got a life so pure
It's unfair that the life don't end
I had some guilt in my heart
Wish I could pick up a piece that was broken apart
I said to his parents
I'll never let people forget that their son has the purest of hearts
Could light up a room and now it's the stars
You wanted to laugh, you wanted to dance
Tell people you love 'em when you get the chance
This one is for yours, this one is for ours
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