(welcome to compton) aye, aye , yhoo
It's you boy lil cuz been sitting on the couch and chilling waiting for my n*gga B aye nicki is b*tch and she be trippen and she woke the b*tch with she trippen. Compton, Compton, Compton, Compton b*tches be trippen and living on the couch and the payment and they woke up and say that we're leaving and she f*cking my boy D
Blueface baby, look compton is thing also b*tches be trippen on gang and I get a thotiana and she also say (n*gga you child support) but you f*ckers be jealous of my fancy chain on the gang and you be f*ckin, f*ckin, f*ckin and people be trippen, trippen, trippen and child support dumb as f*ck and blueface baby and welcome to compton is the best compton you can find the best hoes in the best dro doin they dash and up and down Pico, Freak O my pants sack intil meat shows and i like f*ckin all my b*tches call me f*cker if you can't take the rug burn(blueface,baby)
400, suu whoop on gang tho. b*tch you be trippen on the gang buy some shoes in foot locker and ummmm b*tch you dumb as f*ck and there is girl kari let me f*ck her in the car like kim karnation want to star. Got b*tch name Britanny with big ass tities. I'll f*ck girl named jumuji and she taste some di*k later tho and I gotta pop a bean first. Hit the Purp, then eat that pus*y for dessert

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