Ras Kass

"Bars In The Booth (Session 8)"

Live from HeadQCourterz
DJ Premier
Ras Kass
It’s Bars In The Booth, man
Let me get a shot, Preem
Let’s see how I go

I got street knowledge and book smarts
This ain’t rap, this Banksy, homie, this crook’s song
Graffiti on midi
Romanian hooker with my name on her titty
[?] Hello Kitty
With my Tokyo bro, Godzilla and New Yeti
Order breakfast banquet at your local bodega
Happy hour, we Red Bull and bomb with the jager
f*ck [?], I stay on queens than Cormega
[?] bloodline, [?]
American Werewolf [?]
I’ll kill your favorite rapper, put your hero in a beater
And I don’t do roundhouses to kick my feet up
Havoc, Black Sabbath, T Tequila
The drum set, I ain’t even done yet
You pay to get her hair done, I use her for a c*m net
And I don’t really care how you busters felt
Masturbate with the machete and go f*ck yourself
GFY, go f*ck yourself
Hashtag GFY, go f*ck your selfie
Medical marijuana for your fake glaucoma
I’d rather smoke rappers, 9-shot Glock, coma
Flat line, wait, six feet deep
Kinsey [?] bars, my 16’s sweet
Huh, I’m about to d’oh like Homer
You the type of n*gga give his moms Ebola
No exit strategy, search your troops
I rock, I spit ISIS, I deserve the [?]
Anarchy, I’ll purge the booth
I’ll puke on black entertainment like Murda Mook
*Spit* and that’s a hot sound effect
You a young thug lifestyling in a gown and dress
“[?] my lifestyle”
No disrespect, I’m just about sounding fresh
Scrabble, Campbells, I’ll f*ck around with alphabets
Sauce in the soup, Airbnb
That’s Bars In The Booth
Live from HeadQCourterz with DJ Premier
Boy, I’m a beast, backwards like Paul Revere
So, shalah, take it in a pound of flesh
Brolic n*ggas bleed too, f*ck how many pounds you press
Ghetto n*gga trying to order fried sushi
Looking in the mirror means everything is Gucci
When a G face another G
There will never be another me
Shots live wild and stay ugly
It’s Gold doggery
I’m with the bullsh*t and f*ckery

Ha ha ha
Bars In The Booth
DJ Premier
Live from HeadQCourterz
Rassy Kassy
And we’re out

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